Digital Literacy Is Not a Destination

Communication is key. This one phrase can be heard from professors, parents, and even marriage counselors. In a digital age as the one we live it today, this phrase is just as essential. To be digitally literate is to be able to communicate with individuals or groups through principles of functional and visual design, concise writing, and a connection to moral obligation. It is simple to make something look pretty. Time and effort can make any website, blog, or video into an aesthetically pleasing product. However, if you go on to a website and enjoy the design but cannot navigate your way around, most likely you will not return to the sight.

Digital literacy is the ability to communicate in all forms through all medias.
Digital literacy is the ability to communicate in all forms through all medias.

Combining visual design with functionality is what makes any form of media a successful, digitally literate product. Along with functionality comes concise writing. Users of media go onto media for a distinct purpose with the certain hope of getting something out of it. If your writing resembles a mid-century romance novel, most likely the user will move on. To write in a digitally literate manner is to say what you need to say in the least amount of words in the clearest way possible. However, it is not just how you say it, as you must pay attention to how you say it. As producers of media, our moral claimants must always be in the back of our mind. The Golden Rule must always be in the back of your mind, as you never know who is reading what you are saying.

Looking Back

My Sweet EscapeI see digital literacy as a journey, not a destination. It is a learning process that requires practice to fulfill what I have previously defined it as. My personal blog for the multimedia project has to be the one that took the most time to make digital literate. It is easy to just write some words down on paper about food and travel, but there was so much more that I had to think about. It had to be aesthetically pleasing involving lots of pictures and captions to appeal to my audience while also being simple to navigate. Writing what I was actually going to say had to be the longest journey. It was difficult for me to be concise because I felt so passionately about the topic and I had so much I wanted to say. However, I learned to think like a reader. I had to be clear; here is what I did and here is what I ate, and you should too. I am most proud of my food and travel blog because I feel as though it really shows my personality and what I love through my travel and where I call home as well as serving a purpose for readers. My personal website is a work in progress, but that is what I want. I will continue to create it as an online resume and portfolio for future employment and a representation of who I am.Multimedia

Moving Forward

I am not a naturally technologically savvy citizen, so at first it was difficult for me for master programs like Photoshop or audacity. I probably spent more time than others trying to figure things out but I am happy with the result. There is so much possibility to use all the knowledge I have gained. Although I am unsure of what my career may entail, I am sure that the skills I have been taught will be put to use. Through every blog post written, website created, and video made, I have grown as a digitally literate citizen in this technological world.


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