Hello, it’s me. No, my name is not Adele, it is Mackenzie Carpenter. I am from a little beach town called Balboa Island located in sunny southern California. To answer a few questions that may arise after that statement: No, I do not surf. No, I do not know any celebrities. No, my mom is not a real housewife. Now that I got those questions out of the way, I can tell you some real things about me. As you may have seen by my opening line, I fill my life with music. This is mostly because I like to think that every song relates to my life, like Adele’s. That sort of makes my life like a romantic comedy, mostly minus the romance and mostly me laughing at my own jokes.

The best crew to have: wallabies and kangaroos in Melbourne, Australia!

Along with the theme of romance, I am happiest on a beach watching the sunset with my best friends and a solid piece of pizza. Although that can’t always be my reality. My real reality involves attending Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina as a communications studies major and a member of Alpha Delta Pi. Getting far away from home for college is just the beginning of my love for new environments and cultures.

About this Blog

Growing up in Orange County I never really understood the concept of what people refer to as the “OC bubble” until I left. From a young age my parents encouraged me to explore outside the bubble and experience what life is: a never-ending adventure giving the opportunity to try new things. Anytime I got that chance, I would pack my bags and go anywhere. Whether it be a small camping trip over a holiday weekend or three weeks exploring Europe. Traveling made me see food in such a new light as well. In my younger days, I was the pickiest only wanting what I wanted which usually consisted of fish sticks and potato chips. I’m glad traveling forced me to expand my appetite for new foods as I felt the need to immerse myself in the culture of where I was.

I know the saying goes ‘eat to live not live to eat’ but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Food brings people together the way traveling does whether you’re with friends, family, or complete strangers. In this blog, I hope to explore how food enhances travel and travel enhances life. Welcome to my sweet escape!


PS, you can also check me out on my website!


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